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AS126 MINSY-POE-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS127 JPL-AS - Jet Propulsion Laboratory AS128 ADS-AS - Advanced Decision Systems AS129 DNIC - Do D Network Information Center AS130 CSOCNET-AS - Space Communications Division AS131 UCSB-NET-AS - University of California, Santa Barbara AS132 WPAFB-CSD-NET-AS - ASD/SCOSI AS133 AFIT-AS - Air Force Institute of Technology AS134 CORONA-GW-AS - Fleet Analysis Center AS135 DNIC - Do D Network Information Center AS136 ECONET-AS - AD/KRSSD AS137 ASGARR GARR Italian academic and research network AS138 DNIC - Do D Network Information Center AS139 NUWESNET-AS - Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station AS140 DAITC-NET-AS - Defense Technical Information Cntr AS141 NWCNET-AS - Naval Weapons Center AS142 WESTPOINT - U. Military Academy AS143 OOG1-AS - 1881CS/XPC AS144 ATT-INTERNET - Lucent Technologies/Bell Laboratories AS145 VBNS - MCI Communications Corporation AS146 HQEIS-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS147 NAVCAMS-LAN-AS - Naval Telecommunications Automation Support Center AS148 NWSC-GW-AS - Naval Surface Warfare Center AS149 DNIC - Do D Network Information Center AS150 SEANET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS151 IND-NTC-AS - Hewlett-Packard Company AS152 SRI-ACCATT-AS - SRI International AS153 SAAD-ARPA-AS - Sacramento Army Depot AS154 USACEC-NET-AS - USAISEC AS155 DNIC - Do D Network Information Center AS156 NORTHEASTERN-GW-AS - Northeastern University AS157 INTELLIAUTON - Silicon Graphics, Inc. AS159 SONNET-AS - The Ohio State University AS160 U-CHICAGO-AS - University of Chicago AS161 TI-AS - Texas Instruments, Inc. AS190 NSYPTSMH-POE-AS - Portsmouth Naval Shipyard AS191 NORDA-AS - Naval Research Laboratory AS192 ROCHINSTTECH - Rochester Institute of Technology AS193 FORD-ASN - Lockheed Martin Western Development Labs AS194 NCAR-AS - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research AS195 SDSC-AS - San Diego Supercomputer Center AS196 RISC-SYSTEM - Rockwell Scientific Company AS197 RAYTHEON-AS-2 - Raytheon Company AS198 ARL-SNI-AS - Army Research Laboratory AS199 LVLT-199-203 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS542 ARNET - Alberta Research Council AS543 CONVEX - Convex Computer Corporation AS544 SONERA-FUNET-TRANSIT Sonera Corporation AS545 NRI - Corporation for National Research Initiatives AS546 SPARTA-AS - Sparta, Inc. European Command AS553 BELWUE Landeshochschulnetz Baden-Wuerttemberg (Bel Wue) AS554 CALINET-AS - California Internet Federation AS555 NETWORKCS - NETWORK COMPUTING SERVICES, INC AS556 CALREN-AS - USC/Information Sciences Institute AS557 UMAINE-SYS-AS - University of Maine System AS558 NET2EZ - Net2EZ AS559 SWITCH SWITCH, Swiss Education and Research Network AS560 LVLT-560 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. Naval Academy AS593 EASINET-AS1 Easinet Air Base AS594 LVLT594-598 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS818 DOC-AS - Department of Communications AS819 LARG-NET - LARG*net AS820 ISTC-AS - Industry Canada AS821 DISC - Designed Information Systems Corporation AS822 STJOSEPHS-AS - St. AS4991 ALERON-4991-4994 - AGIS AS4992 ALERON-4991-4994 - AGIS AS4993 ALERON-4991-4994 - AGIS AS4994 ALERON-4991-4994 - AGIS AS4995 Netup S. AS5026 LVVWD - Las Vegas Valley Water District AS5027 ACSIL - Applied Computer Services AS5028 GATEWAYNORTH - Evergreen Technologies Corporation AS5029 VEGAS-NET - On Ramp Internet Computer Services AS5030 TAL - Transamerica Leasing AS5031 DOCCNET - Do D Network Information Center AS5033 ISW - Internet Specialties West Inc.

AS162 NIOCU132NIPR - Do D Network Information Center AS163 IBM-RESEARCH-AS - IBM Almaden Research Center AS164 DDN-MB-AS - DISA Information Systems Center AS165 NESEA-DDN-GW-AS - Naval Electronics Systems Engineering Activity AS166 IDA-AS - Institute for Defense Analyses AS167 WESLEYAN-AS - Wesleyan University AS168 UMASS-AMHERST - University of Massachusetts AS169 HANSCOM-NET-AS - ESD/SCO AS170 YKTNPOE-GW-AS - Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown AS172 CSDA-AS - Central Systems Design Acitivity AS173 ERX-ECLNET Electrical Communications Laboratories AS174 COGENT Cogent/PSI AS175 AFWL-AS - Air Force Weapons Laboratory AS176 BCN-AS - Information Systems and Networks Corporation AS177 MERIT-AS - IPMA/University of Michigan/EECS AS178 IBMYORKTOWN-AS - Merit Network Inc. AS547 ASN-IBM-LEX - IBM AS548 HQUSAF-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS549 GTANET-AS - GTAnet Networking AS550 CORNETT-AS - Los Alamos National Laboratory AS551 TIS-AS - Sparta, Inc. AS561 3COM-A - 3Com Corporation AS562 3COM-B - 3Com Corporation AS563 3COM-C - 3Com Corporation AS564 DNIC - Do D Network Information Center AS565 Technical Research Centre of Finland AS566 CSSP-ASN - Canadian Space Agency AS567 ASN-LNET-AS - Los Nettos AS568 SUMNET-AS - DISO-UNRRA AS569 DIMNET-AS - Defense Communications Agency AS570 SSD-NET-AS - AFSC AS571 CENTCOM-AS - CENTCOM AS573 NAVDEC-NET3-AS - NARDAC AS574 PSC-TEST-AS - Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center AS575 ANSOC-575-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS576 NAVDAC-NET3-AS - NAVDEC-NET3-AS AS577 BACOM - Bell Canada AS580 MAINZ-GW1-AS MAINZ-GW1-AS AS581 GDSS-XRSNET-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS582 GDSS-21AF-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS583 GDSS-22AF-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS584 GDSS-23AF-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS585 GDSS-322ALD-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS586 GDSS-834ALD-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS587 GDSS-ANG-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS588 FRANKFRT-GW1 - Do D Network Information Center AS589 UNT-CAMPUS-AS - University of North Texas AS590 EASInet Operations Center AS591 NSTN-AS - NSTN, Inc. Joseph's Health Centre AS823 UWO-AS - The University of Western Ontario AS824 GLAXOSMITHKLINE - Glaxo Smith Kline AS825 CFWS-NET - Canadian Forces Weather Services AS826 CRTC-GC-AS - CRTC AS827 ALCAN-AS - Alcan International Ltd., AS828 NLC-BNC-GC-AS - National Library of Canada AS829 SYGMA-INT-OR - Bell Sygma Systems Management AS830 SYGMA-INT-QR - Bell Sygma Systems Management AS831 SYGMA-EXT-OR - Bell Sygma Systems Management Inc. AS5034 AS-STARNET - STAR Communications AS5035 CYNET - Web Net AS5036 WCA - Whalley Computer Associates AS5037 NSTCPVAX - Do D Network Information Center AS5038 NSAN-DOM - Success Institutes, Inc.

AS1211 TOBY-GW1-AS - Director of Information Management AS1212 WILDFLCKN-GW1-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS1213 HEANET HEAnet national network AS1215 ORACLE-NA-AS - Oracle Corporation AS1216 ORACLE-EUROPE-AS - Oracle Corporation AS1217 ORACLE-PACRIM-AS - Oracle Corporation AS1218 NCUBE-BELMONT-AS - Oracle Corporation AS1219 NCUBE-OREGON-AS - Oracle Corporation AS1220 INFOASN-AS - INFONET Services Corporation AS1221 ASN-TELSTRA Telstra Pty Ltd AS1222 EPCC-AS - EL PASO COMMUNITY COLLEGE AS1223 DSI-WR-17 - Advanced Info. AS1269 IUNET2-AS Italian UNIX Network (IUNET) AS1270 UUNET-DE UUNET Germany AS1271 experimental GAIP/DE AS1272 Universitaet Konstanz AS1273 CW Cable & Wireless AS1274 Fh G Institutszentrum Birlinghoven AS1275 DFN-BWIN-IP DFN-IP service and DFN customer networks AS1276 DSI-WR-18 - Advanced Technology Services AS1278 UNIONCARBIDE-AS - Union Carbide Corporation AS1279 MCDOUGLAS-AS Mc Donnell Douglas Information Systems International AS1280 ISC-AS1280 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. AS5077 ASN-WSNET - WSNetwork Communications Services, Inc.

Technology Services AS1224 NCSA-AS - National Center for Supercomputing Applications AS1225 NTTA-1225 - NTT America, Inc. AS1281 CIX-AS2 - Performance Systems International AS1282 CIX-AS3 - Performance Systems International AS1283 CIX-AS4 - Performance Systems International AS1284 CIX-AS5 - Performance Systems International AS1285 CMC-AS - Communication Machinery Corporation AS1290 TELSTRAEUROPELTD-BACKBONE Telstra Europe Ltd AS1291 NAVSWC-WOASN-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS1292 ITESM Campus Monterrey AS1293 GM-EDS-AS - EDS AS1294 PS-NETPLEX-AS - Perot Systems AS1295 BGNOGE - General Electric Company AS1296 University of Chili AS1297 USLHCNET American LHC Network AS1298 SEA06-NET-AS - Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station AS1299 TELIANET Telia Net Global Network AS1300 FR-RENATER-R3T2-MARSEILLE Reseau Regional R3T2 AS1301 FR-EDFDPT3 Electricite de France AS1302 FRANCE-ASNBLOCK-AS INRIA AS1303 FR-IDRIS-ORSAY FR AS1304 FR-RENATER-CLONYS-2 Reseau regional de Bourgogne AS1305 FR-CICT-TOULOUSE FR AS1306 FRANCE-ASNBLOCK-AS INRIA AS1307 FR-U-JUSSIEU-PARIS AS1308 FRANCE-ASNBLOCK-AS INRIA AS1309 FR-RENATER-RERIF Reseau Regional RERIF AS1310 CACI-FED - CACI Inc., Federal AS1311 BARRA-NET-AS - BARRA AS1312 VA-TECH-AS - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ. AS1314 NWSCHS-AS - Naval Weapons Station AS1315 LVLT-1315 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS5078 ONENET-AS-1 - Oklahoma Network for Education Enrichment and AS5079 DIAL-CALL - Nextel Communications, Inc AS5080 ARAMCO-AS - Aramco AS5081 CCS-AS - CLARE COMPUTER SOLUTIONS AS5082 CLOVERLEAF - Stanton Network Services AS5083 DRAKE-NET - Drake Enterprises AS5084 GSL-HQ - Sprint International AS5085 ERX-NETFUN Net Fun Limited AS5086 IDNET - Innovative Data Services AS5087 LANKA-COM Lanka Communication Services AS5088 NAIINT - News Corporation AS5089 NTL NTL Group Limited AS5092 NNE - North by Northeast Networks, Inc.

AS79 DSPO-HC-AS - Los Alamos National Laboratory AS80 GE-CRD - General Electric Company AS81 NCREN - MCNC AS82 TWG-DEMO-AS - The Wollongong Group AS83 PICANET-AS - Picatinny AS84 DTNSRDC-AS1 - David Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center AS85 AERO-NET - The Aerospace Corporation AS86 CSC-300-AS86 - Computer Sciences Corporation AS87 INDIANA-AS - Indiana University AS88 PRINCETON-AS - Princeton University AS89 NUSC-CSTLNET-AS - Naval Underwater Systems Center AS90 SUN-AS - Sun Microsystems, Inc. AS239 UTORONTO-AS - University of Toronto AS240 SAALC-HOSTNET-AS - San Antonio Air Logistics Center AS241 OCALC-HOSTNET-AS - Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center AS242 SSSD-AS - SUPSHIP AS243 HARRIS-ATD-AS - Harris Government Systems Sector AS244 ITT-FEC-AS - ITT / Federal Electric Corporation AS245 PRC-AS - Planning Research Corporation AS246 ASIFICS-GW-AS - Military Airlift Command (MAC) AS247 ROMENET-AS - Rome Air Development Center AS248 CHAOS-AS Chaos Computer Club e. AS249 CAMP2007-AS AS249 AS250 SACREDCHAO-AS nibbler's ASN for AS250project AS251 FIQ-AS Future In Question ASN AS252 CECOM-A-TACT - Army Communications Electronics Command AS253 NTTA-253 - NTT America, Inc. AS801 MFRC1-AS - Forestry Canada - Maritimes Region AS802 YORKU-AS - York University AS803 SASKTEL - Sask Tel AS804 ISTS-AS-AS - Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science AS805 CANET1-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS806 ECONET-AS - Environment Canada AS807 CANET1-ASN-2 - Canadian Research Network AS808 CANET1-ASN-3 - Canadian Research Network AS809 CANET1-ASN-4 - Canadian Research Network AS810 SSCWEST - Government Telecommunications Agency AS811 SSCEAST - Government Telecommunications Agency AS812 ROGERS-CABLE - Rogers Cable Communications Inc. AS4941 FDT - The CD-ROM Store AS4942 B-NET - B-Net Technologies AS4943 NOL-AS - Networks On-Line AS4944 Petroleos de Venezuela S. AS4945 HARRIS-SEMICONDUCTOR - Harris Semiconductor Sector Telecommunications AS4947 IA-LA-AS - Internet America, Inc. AS4974 GROVE-MRS Rawdon House AS4975 LASER-NET-BLOCK - Computer Tech Services, Inc.

AS91 RPI-AS - Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute AS92 CLARKSON-AS - Clarkson University AS93 NTTA-93 - NTT America, Inc. AS254 TWG-NET-AS - The Wollongong Group AS255 PAFB-GW - Eastern Space Missle Command AS256 NCSC-NET-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS257 NPS-GATOR-AS - Naval Postgraduate School AS258 BRAGGSRI-EGP-AS - SRI International AS259 SCUBED-AS - SCUBED AS260 DSI-WR-15 - Advanced Info. AS813 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. AS4948 AIX-NET - Alpha Internet AS4949 UNSPECIFIED Asia Tech Telecom Ltd. AS4976 SUNGLASSES - Florida Imports Inc AS4977 NET1 - Pecos Technologies AS4978 GDI-NET-AS - Global Datalink, Inc.

AS1226 TEALE-AS - Teale Data Center AS1227 SDSC-TEST1-AS - San Diego Supercomputer Center AS1228 UNINET-ASNBLOCK AS1229 UNINET-ASNBLOCK AS1230 UNINET-ASNBLOCK AS1231 UNINET-ASNBLOCK AS1232 UNINET-ASNBLOCK AS1233 ERX-NASDA-ASN National Space Development Agency AS1234 FORTUM-AS Fortum AS1235 FR-U-1-CRI-RENNES Universite de Rennes1 AS1236 GTEGSC - GTE Government Systems Corporation AS1237 KREONET-AS-KR Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information AS1238 ICM-MALAYSIA - US Sprint AS1239 SPRINTLINK - Sprint AS1240 ICM-PACIFIC - Sprint AS1241 FORTHNET-GR FORTHnet AS1242 PLH-AS - Geophysics Laboratory AS1243 APG-GW1-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1244 AMOCO-AS - Amoco Corporation AS1245 DET4LAN-AS - Det 4 AFOTEC/TSS AS1247 AFTERLIFE-GW-AS - Department of Defense AS1248 NOKIANET_ESPOO NOKIANET HQ autonomous system in Espoo Finland AS1249 FIVE-COLLEGES-AS - Five Colleges Network AS1250 ERX-SINGAPORE-AS National University of Singapore AS1251 Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Pau AS1252 UNMC-AS - University of Nebraska Medical Center AS1253 VEROAUTOSYS-AS The National Board of Taxation AS1254 NASA-LARC-AS - NASA Langley Research Center AS1255 SMITHCOLLEGE-AS - Smith College Information Systems AS1256 MASSNET-AS - Massachusetts Education Computer Network AS1257 TELE2 AS1258 XKL-NET-AS - XKL Systems Corporation AS1259 CAC-GW2-AS - U. Army Information Systems Command AS1260 PLE - Phillips Laboratory AS1261 NATINST-AS-AS - National Instruments Corporation AS1262 NSN-NCAR-AS-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS1263 NSN-NCAR-AS-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS1264 USACESPK-AS - United States Army Corps of Engineers AS1265 SAINT-MARYS-AS - Saint Mary's College AS1266 NAVPGSCOL-AS - United States Naval Postgraduate School AS1267 ASN-INFOSTRADA Infostrada S.p. AS1316 LERC-AS-AS - NASA Lewis Research Center AS1317 BUMED-SDIEGO-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1318 ICRFNET-AS Imperial Cancer Research Fund AS1319 BUMED-CPEND-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1320 BUMED-LBEACH-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1321 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS5093 OVID-AS - Ovid Technologies AS5094 PARAGON-AS - Paragon Cable AS5095 BOOKLINK-AS - Booklink/Navisoft AS5099 NWUC - Northwestern University AS5100 ASN-TX-DDC - Tristero, Inc.

AS1324 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS5104 AADS-CHAMPAIGN2-CHMPIL - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc.di Studi Avanzati AS1353 SISSA-AS2-AS Scuola Internazionale Sup. AS5685 DRANET-NORTH - Data Research Associates, Inc.di Studi Avanzati AS1354 NEXT-ASN-AS - Ne XT Software, Inc AS1357 ORYX-ENERGY-AS - Oryx Energy Company AS1358 HNSNET-AS - Hughes Network Systems, Inc. AS5686 CSERVE-CIS - Compu Serve Interactive Services, Inc AS5687 AA-NET - Alternate Access Inc.AS1337 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS5604 FREEDOMTOSURF PIPEX Communications (Freedom2surf) AS5605 NETUSE Net USE AG AS5606 KQRO KPNQwest Romania AS AS5607 EASYNET-UK-AS Easynet UK AS5608 FVNN Forth View. NET, LLC AS5647 ASN-KODAK - Eastman Kodak Company AS5648 Satlink S. AS5649 KEVNET-ASN - Kevin Communication Services AS5650 FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc.AS1338 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. Net AS5609 ASN-CSELT # AS-CSELT CONVERTED TO ASN-CSELT FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE CSELT S.p. is a Research Center for the study, research, AS5610 CZECHTELECOM CZECH TELECOM, a.s AS5611 MISTRAL-UK-IPV6 Mistral UK IPv6 network AS5612 HNHW8-AS Handelsweg8AS5613 DUBAIMERC-AE Dubai Mercantile Exchange AS5614 UUNET PIPEX UK MSN and DIAL AS AS5615 TISNL-BACKBONE Tiscali B. AS5616 SATNET ASN AS5617 TPNET Polish Telecom's commercial IP network AS5618 DPI DP IRAN AS5619 ERGO Ergo Group AS AS5620 ADRIAMEDIA-AS Adria Media ZAGREB d.o.o. AS5634 MILESTONE - Milestone Research and Development Labs Inc. AS5651 DESTEK - Friends of Synergytics AS5652 IN-NET - INTERNET Indiana AS5653 UCSF - University of California San Francisco AS5654 TISHNET - The Information Super Highway Corp AS5655 DECADE-DOM - Decade Communications AS5656 ACCESSUS-DOM - access U.

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