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I use an i Phone 5s, so these tips will relate mostly to the i OS platform. Jump online and you’ll find what you need, dirt cheap. Despite what some ‘long exposure’ app developers may claim, virtually all ‘long exposure’ Apps on i OS work in the same way: They mimic the long exposure style by stacking multiple shots and then averaging/blurring anything that it thinks has moved.

There are many, so check out the reviews before buying (some are free).

If there is anyone who knows how to use her looks to promote lingerie, it's Ashley Graham.

And she certainly does an excellent job of it in her latest Instagram post, showing herself in the midst of a photo shoot for her latest Addition Elle underwear line.

The Marina Rinaldi model was also seen lifting weights.

She asked followers if she worked out this weekend and tagged Kirk Myers Fitness.

If your imagination just isn't cutting it anymore, check out this how-to video and start getting a peak at people in a slightly less clothed state.

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Editing is fun, but you can get carried away quickly – remember, less is more.You just need to remember they’re all doing essentially the same thing (it’s their quality of the final image, usability, speed to process and so on that will differ). In terms of locations that work best, it really comes back to what style you’re after.Are you after a moody black and white arty feel or a colour-rich rainforest scene, for example?Because you’re not actually holding the lens open to get the long exposure, but just averaging the scene, you can shoot in bright daylight – without the need for expensive filters.It is still wise to avoid harsh shadows though, as once the sun goes down you’ll be left in the dark. I have a range of locations to choose from, including waterfalls, rivers and beaches nearby to try out the shots. After you’ve followed the steps in whichever App you’ve chosen to take the shot, it is a good idea to give that shot a little bit of editing love.

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