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Imagur If you want to make a porn GIF from an existing video, you can use the Imgur method.This is a simple process for creating porn GIFS online.The same goes for watching porn videos with hot girls or great sex scenes.But for some people, watching a video online can be a drag due to their internet speed and connection.Porn GIFS let you watch small clips of moving images without having to use a lot of internet bandwidth.

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So does that mean that people who want to make porn GIFS images should learn to use these programs?

Not too long ago, people who wanted to create a porn GIF, had no choice but to use programs such as Photoshop.

While Photoshop is an amazing photo editing tool, it is also very difficult to use for the average user.

Some sites seem to buffer forever just for you to see a few minute clips of porn videos.

That is why porn GIFS are so popular and widely used.

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