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“The thing about the midsingles program,” says Bishop Steve Lang, “is that these people, our friends, our brothers and sisters, they go to church, they go on missions, they keep themselves worthy, unbelievably so.

For those who do have children, it’s difficult to make arrangements to attend one ward themselves while their children attend a regular family ward.Other than that, they are treated just like everyone else, and that’s the way they like it.“There’s that sense of belonging and being needed and wanted,” says Loughran.“Every week I hear the same thing: ‘Bishop, if it wasn’t for this ward, I don’t know if I’d be an active member.’”Now, eight years later, there are 18 magnet wards in the country and counting.The Family Ward For Farrah Walker of Los Angeles, she landed in a family ward because it happened to meet across the street from her place of employment. I would drive to church and then just sit in the parking lot.”But Walker didn’t give up, and the next time around things went better. It’s ‘I loved your comment in Relief Society,’ not, ‘Hey, why aren’t you in the singles ward?Unfortunately, she felt so uncomfortable, she didn’t want to return. ’’The Midsingles Ward Option number two for a graduating single is a midsingles ward, the same thing as a regular singles ward but for those aged 31–45.

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