List of cam group chatroom sites

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If your phone’s out of battery, you’re out of luck.

Keep your phone plugged in or make sure it has a healthy amount of juice to keep chatting on the web.

Whats App Web is limited to starting new private chats so you’ll have to start a group chat on your phone. Type new line using Shift Enter Many users are asking if it’s possible to change the Enter key from sending a message to creating a new line instead.

You can’t change the keyboard stroke but you can simply create a new line in a message by pressing Shift Enter.

Snooze notifications and toggle sounds In the menu, you can toggle sounds if you want to chat in silence.

Clicking on this gives you the option to view your contact’s info.Keywords (In TEXT) uses a smart technology to identify specific words and phrases, and highlight them live, while the chat is in process.Rumble Talk In TEXT then dynamically turns these words into predefined links, which allows you to associate any word with any web page.If you prefer to download Whatsapp on your computer, have a look at Whatsapp for PC, instead! As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to download one of the browsers listed above and the latest version of Whats App. On your phone, launch the Whats App app and tap on the menu button. Scan the QR code displayed in your browser and you’re done!On Android, it’s the three dots at the top right of your chat list. Whats App Web is basically a watered down version of the phone app so not all of Whats App’s features are available yet.

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