Keira who is dating rupert friend

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Rupert Friend asks to meet me at a farm café in Dalston, east London, near to where he lives.

There are chickens on the roof laying eggs, which are used in the sandwiches.

"It entails physical and sexual abuse, neglect and a certain amount of religious indoctrination." He is also a con man so Friend has been watching films about con men – Six Degrees of Separation, The Talented Mr Ripley and House of Games. It's about imagining you are somebody else," says Friend.

"That is as far as I can get in terms of a mission statement."Performing the play in an intimate theatre space such as the Arcola, which is the size of a front room, "is about implicating and involving the audience in a horrific set of circumstances", says the actor."The other actress who isn't in the rape scene walked out today.

From his true story a real-life charity was formed called To Write Love on Her Arms, which has a big following of depressed American teenagers," says Friend.

In order to research the role Friend got himself locked up in solitary confinement in a prison in Florida and attended NA and AA recovery meetings all over London.

Despite a string of films in which he has starred with Johnny Depp (The Libertine, 2004) Michelle Pfeiffer (Chéri, 2009), Emily Blunt (The Young Victoria, 2009), Friend craves quiet, nature and DIY.

He is particularly excited about building his own house in east London at the moment.

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"I phoned people in recovery who I knew before deciding to do this.

She didn't want to be there." Although this doesn't bode well for audience members, he says that the play is as relevant today as it ever was.

"My character also encourages the dad to admit to his incredible racism, bigotry, Right-wing leanings and pushes him into a place where hatred is celebrated."Friend, a relative new comer to the theatre, has done far more films.

"At Christmas his tin roof flew off so I went up there to help him put it back on in a blizzard," says Friend.

"I've never thought it was a good idea to act back-to-back.

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