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“Oh, you’re so good, Doctor,” one twenty-five year old cooingly said to me.(I half expected him to pat me on the head and send me on my way!Not once in two years did a priest say to me, “Hi, I’m Mike,” or “I’m Bill.” It was always “Father,” even in private.Correct ecclesiastical protocol was truly observed at all times.It was like every day was a clerical version of Halloween.When they left the grounds, which they rarely did, some students adopted fedoras and double-breasted suits as if to emphasize their antiquarianism.) As a married layperson, I was something of an anomaly on the faculty.In many ways, I felt like an ecclesiastical version of “The Help,” and often was made to feel like an intruder.

My relationship with the clergy was always very formal.

(Working in shelter homes or soup kitchens were neither an option nor an interest.) During the time of Hurricane Sandy, the seminarians stayed comfortably ensconced on the seminary grounds, which the facilities management staff cleaned up.

The reason, I was told, was that there was no gas for the cars (although the seminary grounds have their own gas station).

This week Professor Pat Mc Namara wrote an essay about his personal experience of the culture of clericalism at a major US seminary, which has circulated privately on Facebook and elsewhere. Mc Namara if he would be willing to share this as a guest post on my blog. I believe this reflection offers another important perspective that has not yet been made as public as the defensive voices.

I also know, from personal correspondence and discussion with other seminary professors (both lay and ordained), that Prof.

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