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She gained critical acclaim for her performances in Kushi, Perazhagan, Chandramukhi and Mozhi, winning three Filmfare and three Tamil Nadu State Film Awards.She was one of the most successful actresses in the Tamil film industry of her time.We are talking about her MMS Scandal with her ex-boyfriend Ashmit Patel(Amisha Patels Brother).After 2005 she couldn't grow her popularity index on the internet Yet another hot clip being posted on popular demand.The popularity of the bare midriff continued well due to low-rise fashion which started in the early 1990s when the British magazine The Face in its March 1993 issue cover featured Kate Moss in low-rise jeans.

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("Belly" was a word which was forbidden to be used in films by the Hays Office censors.She received a Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Nomination for the role.She also appeared in "King Uncle" with Jackie Shroff and The Cloud Door directed by Mani Kaul.In the 1933 film 42nd Street, for instance, in the song Shuffle Off to Buffalo, Una Merkel is about to sing the lyric "with a shotgun at his belly", but stops after the "B" of "belly" and sings "tummy" instead.) In some cultures, exposure of the midriff is socially discouraged or even banned, and the Western culture has historically been hesitant in the use of midriff-baring styles. Women will much more readily wear bare-back or plunging-neckline styles." It was introduced to fashion in 1932 by Madeleine Vionnet when she offered an evening gown with strategically cut openings at the waist.Women's swimwear of the 1930s and 1940s incorporated increasing degrees of midriff exposure.

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