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As Turner tell us, Sansa “begins to get” her own power in an upcoming episode—which might involve telling the truth about the shocking incident she witnessed last week.

He is so not like his character; he is the polar opposite, and everybody adores him.

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It was really fun; it was the most surreal five days of my life because Jack would come in with scars and blood [on his face] and be like, “All right how’s it going?

Though dogs are allowed at Dauphin Island's primary public beach and at the Dauphin Island Campground, dogs are not allowed at the West End Beach Park on the Island's extreme west end.

Fort Morgan Fort Morgan is an unincorporated community west of Gulf Shores on Mobile Point.

The public beach is located next to Dauphin Island Elementary School and is the largest area on Dauphin Island set aside for dogs and their owners.

There are at least a couple of miles of beach there, and with Sand Island now connected to Dauphin Island, there is more area of undeveloped beach jutting out into the Gulf on that barrier island.

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